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3D Printing of  Prostate Model

Aortic Root with Sensor Array.jpg
aortic root models 900px.jpg

3D Printed Aortic Root Model with Internally Integrated Sensor Array

3D Printing of Wearable Electronics on Model Hand

Bionic eye_with glove.JPG

3D Printed 

Bionic Organ

Screen Shot 2020-04-02 at 6.13.24 PM.png

3D Bioprinted

Human Chambered Muscle Pump

3D Printed Presurgical Prostate Model 
3D Printed Presurgical Aortic Root Model 
3D Printed Organs Help Doctors Prep for Surgery 
3D Bioprinted Human Chambered Muscle Pump
Tactile Sensor Directly Printing On Model Hand
3D Printing of Prototype for Bionic Eye
Kaiyan Qiu Photo.jpg
Professional Position

Berry Family Assistant Professor of Mechanical Engineering 

Washington State University (08/2020- )


School of Mechanical and Materials Engineering

Washington State University

Pullman, WA 99164

Ph.D.   Cornell University (2007-2012)

Professional Preparation


Phone: 509-335-3223

Dartmouth College (2013-2014)

Princeton University (2014-2015)

University of Minnesota (2015-2020)

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