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Phone: 509-335-3223

Professional Position

 Berry Family Assistant Professor of Mechanical Engineering 

Washington State University (08/2020- )  



School of Mechanical and Materials Engineering

Washington State University

Pullman, WA 99164

 Ph.D.   Cornell University  


Professional Preparation

Dartmouth College 

Princeton University 

University of Minnesota  

PhD Students 

Chuchu Chen (Interests: Wearable Biosensors & Microfluidic Devices)

B.E. Sun Yat-sen University (2020) 

M.S. Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (2021)

Yonghao Fu (Interests: Materials for Biosensors and Other Devices, to join the group in Summer 23)

B.S. Huangzhong Agricultural University (2019) 

M.S. Ocean University of China (2022)

Sonja S. Sparks (Interests: Biomimetic Devices & Soft Robots, undergraduate researcher since 2021, to join the group as a PhD student in Fall 23)

B.S. Washington State University (2023)

Jin Miao (Interests: Artificial Organs & Smart Printing)

B.E. Zhejiang University (2016) 

M.S. Boston University (2019)

Undergraduate Students

Sonja S. Sparks (Interests: Biomimetic Devices & Soft Robots)

B.S. Washington State University (2023)

Matthew M. Demorse (Interests: Smart Printing and Image Processing)

B.S. Washington State University (2024)

Summer Students & Previous Students 

Ambrose Wang (Interests: 3D Printing)

B.S. University of California Berkeley (2026)

Jasper Allan Ellingson (Interests: TBA)

B.S. Washington State University (2023)

Shihab Ahmed (Interests: Functional Soft Robots)

B.S. Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology (2018) 

Xinlan Wen (Interests: CT/MRI Image Processing)

B.S. Washington State University (2024)

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