Kaiyan Qiu Photo.jpg
Professional Position

 Berry Family Assistant Professor of Mechanical Engineering 

Washington State University (08/2020- )  



 Ph.D.   Cornell University  


School of Mechanical and Materials Engineering

Washington State University

Pullman, WA 99164

Professional Preparation

Dartmouth College 

Princeton University 

University of Minnesota  

PhD Students 

Chuchu Chen (Research Interests: 3D Printing of Biosensors & Artificial Organs)

B.E. Sun Yat-sen University (2020) 

M.S. Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (2021)

Jin Miao (Research Interests: 3D Printing of Artificial Organs & Soft Robots)

B.E. Zhejiang University (2016) 

M.S. Boston University (2019)

Caihong Li (Upcoming PhD, co-advising with Dr. Yuehe Lin, Research Interests: Biosensing Materials & Drug Delivery)

B.S. Lanzhou University (2014)

M.S. Chinese Academy of Science (2020)

         University of Connecticut (2022)

Undergraduate Students

Sonja Sargent Sparks (Research Interests: 3D Printing of Biomimetic Devices & Soft Robots)

B.S. Washington State University (2023)

Jasper Allan Ellingson (Research Interests: TBA)

B.S. Washington State University (2023)

Xinlan Wen (Research Interests: TBA)

B.S. Washington State University (2024)