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Sonja S. Sparks, Alejandro G. Obando, Yizong Li, Si Chen, Shanshan Yao, and Kaiyan Qiu*'3D-printed biomimetic and bioinspired soft actuators' , IET Cyber-Systems and Robotics, 2024, Submitted/Under Review

Eric S. Chen+, Alaleh Ahmadianshalchi+, Sonja S. Sparks, Aryan Deshwal, Janardhan R. Doppa*, and Kaiyan Qiu*'Machine learning enabled design and optimization for 3D-printing of high-fidelity presurgical organ models.Advanced Materials Technologies, 2024, In Revision/Under Review


Chuchu Chen, Yonghao Fu, Sonja S. Sparks, Zhaoyuan Lyu, Arijit Pradhan, Shichao Ding, Narasimha Boddeti, Yun Liu, Yuehe Lin, Dan Du*, and Kaiyan Qiu*'3D-printed flexible microfluidic health monitor for in situ sweat analysis and biomarker detection.' ACS Sensors, 2024, 9 | PDF 

Smart wound dressing.png

Y. Sun, J. Heacock, Chuchu Chen, Kaiyan Qiu, L. Zou, J. Liu, Y. C. Li. ‘Incorporation of gentamicin-encapsulated PLGA nanoparticles into PU/PEO nanofiber scaffolds for biomedical applications.ACS Applied Nano Materials, 2023, 6(17), 16096–16105 | PDF

medical devices 1.jpg

Michael C. McAline, Kaiyan Qiu, Ghazaleh Haghiashtiani, Robert M. Sweet. ‘3D printed organ model with integrated electronic device.US Patent, 2023, US11741854B2 | PDF

Glowing prostate.jpg

Chuchu Chen, Kaiyan Qiu. ‘3D printed artificial organ models for surgical applications.Biomedical Nanotechnology: Methods and Protocols, Springer, Accepted 2023


Zhaoyuan Lyu, Shichao Ding, Dan Du, Kaiyan Qiu, Jin Liu, Xiao Zhang, Yuehe Lin. ‘Recent advances in biomedical applications of 3D nanomaterials with peroxidase-like properties.Advanced Drug Delivery Review, 2022, 185, 114269 (IF: 15.50)

Freeze-cast baterial cellulose-alginate foam_two levels of porosity.jpg

Kaiyan Qiu, Ulrike G. K. Wegst. ‘Excellent Specific Mechanical and Electrical Properties of Anisotropic Freeze-cast Native and Carbonized Bacterial Cellulose-Alginate Foams.Advanced Functional Materials, 2022, 32(1), 2105635 (Online 2021, IF: 18.81) | PDF

Aortic Root with Sensor Array.jpg

(*: Contributed Equally) Ghazaleh Haghiashtiani*, Kaiyan Qiu*, Jorge D. Zhinger Sanchez, Zachary J. Fuenning, Priya Nair, Sarah E. Ahlberg, Paul A. Iaizzo, Michael C. McAlpine. ‘3D Printed Patient-Specific Aortic Root Models with Internal Sensors for Minimally Invasive Applications.Science Advances, 2020, 6(35), eabb4641 (IF: 14.39) | PDF


Molly E. Kupfer*, Wei-Han Lin*, Vasanth Ravikumar, Kaiyan Qiu, Lu Wang, Ling Gao, Didarul B. Bhuiyan, Megan Lenz, Jeffrey Ai, Ryan R Mahutga, Dewayne Townsend, Jianyi Zhang, Michael C. McAlpine, Elena G. Tolkacheva, Brenda M. Ogle. ‘In Situ Expansion, Differentiation, and Electromechanical Coupling of Human Cardiac Muscle in a 3D Bioprinted, Chambered Organoid.Circulation Research, 2020, 127(2), 207-224 (IF: 17.37) | PDF

Bionic eye_with glove.JPG

Sung Hyun Park*, Ruitao Su*, Jaewoo Jeong, Shuang-Zhuang Guo, Kaiyan Qiu, Daeha Joung, Fanben Meng, Michael C. McAlpine. ‘3D Printed Polymer Photodetectors.Advanced Materials,  2018, 30(40), 1803980 (IF: 30.85) | PDF

Kaiyan Qiu, Ghazaleh Haghiashtiani, Michael C. McAlpine. ‘3D Printed Organ Models for Surgical Applications.Annual Review of Analytical Chemistry,  2018, 11, 287-306 (IF: 10.75)| PDF

Kaiyan Qiu, Zichen Zhao, Ghazaleh Haghiashtiani, Shuang-Zhuang Guo, Mingyu He, Ruitao Su, Zhijie Zhu, Didarul B. Bhuiyan, Paari Murugan, Fanben Meng, Sung Hyun Park, Chih-Chang Chu, Brenda M. Ogle, Daniel A. Saltzman, Badrinath R. Konety, Robert M. Sweet, Michael C. McAlpine. '3D Printed Organ Models with Physical Properties of Tissue and Integrated Sensors.' Advanced Materials Technologies, 2018, 3(3), 1700235 (IF: 7.85) | PDF

Shuang-Zhuang Guo, Kaiyan Qiu, Fanben Meng, Sung Hyun Park, Michael C. McAlpine. '3D Printed Stretchable Tactile Sensors.' Advanced Materials, 2017, 29(27), 1701218 (IF: 30.85) | PDF

Kaiyan Qiu, Anil N. Netravali. 'In Situ Produced Bacterial Cellulose Nanofiber-Based Hybrids for Nanocomposites.' Fibers, 2017, 5(3), 31 (IF: 3.20) | PDF

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Kaiyan Qiu, Anil N. Netravali. 'A Review of Fabrication and Applications of Bacterial Cellulose Based Nanocomposites.' Polymer Reviews, 2014, 54(4), 598-626 (IF: 12.08) | PDF

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Kaiyan Qiu, Anil N. Netravali. ‘Fabrication and Characterization of Biodegradable Composites Based on Microfibrillated Cellulose and Polyvinyl Alcohol.Composites Science and Technology, 2012, 72(13), 1588-1594 (IF: 8.53) | PDF

Kaiyan Qiu, Anil N. Netravali. ‘Bacterial Cellulose-Based Membrane-Like Biodegradable Composites Using Cross-linked and Noncross-linked Polyvinyl Alcohol.Journal of Materials Science, 2012, 47(16), 6066-6075 (IF: 4.22) | PDF

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